HI everyone!

I am Bethany Mooney but you can call me Beth :).  I am a 33yr old Momma and wife. I love Jesus, my family, cooking, anything crafty or artsy and I secretly wish I could be a fashionista too! 😉 Now if only I could learn the art of organization! haha Who has time for that with a house full!!? 😉

I am soo excited to start this journey in my life! I love love LOVE cooking and since I am married ( to my amazing busband Chris for 15years) with 6 kids, I have to do a lot of it haha! I love to make up new things from whatever is in my fridge and cupboards. Life gets so crazy busy so I love quick and simple as well. I hope that through my posts I will be able to help you achieve yummy quick healthy meals for you and your loved ones! My kids are still young (12.5yrs Laila,10.5yrs Jaivin,9yrs Kaiden,7.5yrs Alaina,5.5yrs Lillee Sue, 14months Adelaide Hope  ) so I am all about introducing them to new and different foods and flavors! We love “colorful” plates as we call them and they always have to atleast try my new recipes! Sometimes they love them and sometimes they hate them but its all in the trying! 🙂 I look forward to sharing my cooking life with you and hearing your thoughts on my recipes! So lets start cooking!!!

~Beth 🙂


my family <3 🙂