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Braided Calzone (Veggie Ranch)

This is by far my new favorite filling for my Braided Calzone! 🙂 Veggie Ranch Braided Calzone 1 ball of your favorite Pizza dough 1/4cup chopped baby carrots 1/4cup chopped broccoli 3 cloves of fresh garlic, pressed 1/4cup Mayo 3Tbsp. Ranch seasoning (I used Hidden Valley) 1tsp. red pepper flakes 1/4cup cherry tomatoes, sliced salt […]

Braided Calzone (Buffalo Chicken)

Once I made my Braided Calzone (pizza) and I realized how yummy and EASY it was! I couldn’t wait to try other fillings for it! Buffalo Chicken is one of my all time favorite, well lets face it, if you read my recipes, I love anything with a good kick 🙂 So I decided to […]